14 Million USD Crypto Theft Suspect Arrested in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Duo Arrested for $14 Million Cryptocurrency Theft

Oklahoma police have arrested two men who allegedly stole tens of thousands of dollars by a California-based cryptocurrency company, local media reported.

Fletcher Robert Childers, 23, and Joseph Harris, 21, of Missouri, were arrested on suspicion of grand theft, a first-degree felony, and identity theft, a Class C misdemeanor. If charged for both, the duo could receive up to 35 years of prison time, based on Oklahoma state laws.

Court documents filed by Crowd Machine, a San Jose-based decentralized IT company, named Childers and Harris for their alleged involvement in a $14 million thieving. The report accused the twosome of swapping the sufferer’s mobile sim card with an imitation to steal his identity along with phone number. That enabled Childers and Harris to compromise a cryptocurrency wallet enrolled with the stolen sim and lift $14 million worth of CMCT tokens.

It was later tracked to some resort, where the following arrests were made.

The confiscated telephone, according to the court documents, was purchased by two white men from a nearby Walmart. The car used by the men in the movie footage belonged to Childers, yet another surveillance video at a neighborhood shop proved. The identical car was parked at the resort they both were remaining.

Crowd Machine had lately concluded a pre-ICO around of CMCT tokens. So far, the business has released 500 million token units to the current market and has been holding 1.5 billion ICO tokens in book. After the hack, the accused reportedly moved 1 billion CMCT into cryptocurrency exchanges, a few outside the USA. Crowd Machine achieved to its community with a petition to never deal with individuals associated with the compromised wallet speech. In response, many exchanges halted trading of CMCT tokens.

“It is highly recommended that no one buy CMCTs until the criminal investigations have ceased, at which time, we anticipate closed exchanges to re-open. Purchases of stolen tokens by people not involved with the theft will be respected,” Craig Sproule, the CEO and co-founder of Crowd Machine wrote.

Harris is currently kept under custody in an Oklahoma jail without bail. The detention status of Harris wasn’t clear at the time of writing.

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