144 ICOs Failed Last Year

144 ICOs Launched During 2017 Failed Last Year

Coinopsy, a site which keeps an active catalogue of “deceased” cryptocurrencies, now estimates that 264 altcoins failed to endure the 2018 bear industry. Of the projects which didn’t endure to watch 2019, over half have been launched in 2017 via an initial coin offering (ICO).

In accordance with Coinopsy’s catalogue of coins that are dead, 264 cryptocurrencies which were busy at the beginning of 2018 have since failed.

The site defines a coin that is dead as containing”a coin or token that’s been abandoned, tricked, site dead, zero nodes, wallet difficulties, no societal updates, very low quantity or programmers have walked away in your project.”

A couple of the projects that expired last year did so for the next time, with the two Philosopher Stones and Scorecoin having started in 2013 and neglecting the subsequent year, before seemingly resurrecting as an answer to the 2017 bull market.

Coinopsy divides dead coins to four classes depending on if a failed cryptocurrency included an initial coin offeringa joke, a scam, or even an abandoned project.

The listing mostly comprises ICOs that outright failed or included scams, for example Dimoncoin, a project that”needed a loophole from the smart contracts which enabled the founder to mint infinite tokens.”

The next biggest group of cryptocurrencies that expired during 2018 were projects which were left by their programmers, comprising 27% of this year’s death toll.

20 percent of last year’s unsuccessful cryptocurrencies are suspected of containing scams, together with 55 projects accused of deceptive action.

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