A New Bitcoin Core in Town

There’s A New Bitcoin Core in Town – And It’s Out to Troll Bitcoin Cash

Has a cryptocurrency by trolls, for trolls, eventually been established? Otherwise, that the cryptocurrency bitcoin core (BTCC) surely comes close. And no, we are not using the other title for its cryptocurrency most frequently known as bitcoin — the one which mythical crypto investor and bitcoin cash booster Roger Ver likes to berate.

Instead, BTCC is a brand new cryptocurrency, which ironically came from a fork of bitcoin cash.

It is a bit confusing, but following bitcoin cash’s November 2017 hard fork, that was implemented to repair the cryptocurrency’s mining algorithm, even a little group resisted, dividing the blockchain and producing a new endeavor called”bitcoin clashic.” But since bitcoin clashic did not handle the matter, it faded away after a couple of months.

However, another little set of ever-persistent developers forked bitcoin clashic — repairing its own issues but leaving the upgrades from bitcoin cash’s latest hard fork — only a few weeks ago to make bitcoin core (BTCC).

Or in the words of this BTCC Twitter accounts:

“We are the cool cousin that’s a good wingman. Unlike the other one hating and trying to steal ur [sic] girl.”

That remark, while irreverent, speaks not just to the simple fact that BTCC is likely to match bitcoin (rather than contend using it bitcoin cash is usually positioned as), but in addition that the BTCC devs are, in part, trolling Mr. Ver.

View, Ver has left it his mission to paint bitcoin cash as the”actual” bitcoin — a transplant that he claims better reflects what Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of bitcoin, could have desired.

While nobody has a signature on the bitcoin name, most are outraged by Ver’s antics, contending his categorizations will confound new investors. Along with the programmers behind BTCC appear to be aligned with people opposed to Ver.

The first BTCC site (that has since been modified ) trolled Ver by asserting that BTCC is, in reality, the money was talking about when he talks about the”actual” bitcoin.

Additionally, the team supporting BTCC has additionally taken to poking fun at other noteworthy bitcoin cash fans, such as John McAfee, the brash entrepreneur who left his money off anti virus applications and shills crypto tokens on Twitter to get a price.

But because trolling is a much-appreciated way of showing disdain from cryptocurrency circles, BTCC is getting loads of attention.

Pseudonymous bitcoin subreddit moderator BashCo explained that the cryptocurrency includes a severe component, also, as it requires away attention from what many claim are fraudulent acts of rebranding by Ver. This manner, it may be helpful to consider BTCC as a monetized part of performance art, one just made possible by cryptocurrencies.

Bashco informed BMI:

“BTCC is interesting to me because it disrupts malicious attempts to rebrand bitcoin in order to promote an imposter coin.”

Branding debate

This war began when people opposed to bitcoin cash began calling it”bcash.” While those utilizing bcash clarified the nickname was in a bid to eliminate confusion involving bitcoin cash and bitcoin, the fans of bitcoin cash did not enjoy the new moniker.

In accordance with bitcoin cash fans like Eli Afram, the Bitcoin Cash Australia creator, providing bitcoin cash that nickname was just a beneficial sign.

“When bitcoin cash forked, several at the Bitcoin Core camp were so threatened that they could not even call it by its own title or even its ticker for short and also called it as’bcash,'” Afram asserted to BMI.

Ever since that time, this tidal warfare has gone through several iterations.

As previously mentioned, bitcoin cash fans see the cryptocurrency since the”actual” bitcoin because it upped the block dimensions, allowing for greater trades to take place on the community with reduced prices — what they view as Satoshi’s actual interest in developing a cryptocurrency at the first location. However, detractors say it is not that simple — because bitcoin has gathered a massive network worth billions of dollars, technical function must be slow and stable in order to not interrupt the technologies out of its use as a store of value.

Therefore, those in favor of bitcoin cash are not seeing the brand new bitcoin core (BTCC) cryptocurrency as a funny meme.

“Bitcoin core (BTCC) was produced to make people believe bitcoin core (BTC) is bitcoin,” explained Ryan X. Charles, the co-founder and CEO of Yours, which especially transferred from bitcoin into bitcoin cash following the hard fork.

Ver told BMI that BTCC is not”worth working on.”

And this prompted Afram to state:

“There’s going to be an eternal naming war.”

A chain kept alive

But with many folks thinking BTCC is merely a ridiculous attempt to fight against bitcoin cash semantics, the programmers behind the cryptocurrency, at least within their own words, attempting to distance themselves in the naming war.

It had been, and is, a labour of love,” an anonymous spokesperson for BTCC informed BMI.

Although, according to the spokesperson, the BTCC team does not just mind being viewed as a small joke, but he or she proceeded to assert the programmers are carrying the cryptocurrency more severely.

“Some members of this community chose to have some fun and leverage the promotion,” the spokesperson said. “But the Bitcoin Core programmers are dedicated to providing a exceptional value proposition, adhering to core values and offering enhanced speed and improved privacy.”

The spokesperson even stated the BTCC programmers have a hard fork intended shortly that will update the protocol; the programmers wish to include confidential trades, a privacy feature that hides user accounts since they think bitcoin does not go far enough to protect people’s privacy.

However, these remarks are hard to take seriously because the cryptocurrency’s official Twitter accounts and Telegram station is filled with trolling comments.

Even renowned cryptocurrency thought leaders like Casa engineer Jameson Lopp are talking relating to it in a staged way, while bitcoin investor Alistair Milne quipped in response:

“Trolling level 10001.”

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