Bitbacker - A Patreon Alternative Powered by Crypto Aims to Offer a Cryptocurrency-Powered Patreon Alternative

Since Patreon began censoring members and participated in deplatforming, a lot of its users have been seeking choices. 1 option is the cryptocurrency-infused, a Patreon-like application that strongly advocates freedom of language and censorship-resistant money.

Over the past 12 months, censorship and deplatforming are very uncontrolled, with misuse across major social networking platforms, contribution pages, and internet forums. This was especially true of Patreon, a web portal that provides people with business tools and subscription support opportunities. Many well-known crypto luminaries, developers, nonprofits, and Youtubers utilize Patreon to bolster their products and business models. But Patreon was accused of purging’right-wing’ characters, atheists and religious podcasters, creators like Sargon, along with other people such as former Rebel Media personality Lauren Southern., such as the BTC-powered Tallycoin, intends to deliver a solution to the censorship problem by providing”a crypto-fuelled Patreon substitute.”

Right now, the platform supports BCH, BTC, and Smartcash, while providing a slew of exactly the same features Patreon supplies. For example, Bitbacker supplies a powerchat support and interactive streaming. Visitors can guarantee recurring crypto donations to content providers and gain access to exclusive feeds that are overburdened. Furthermore, sponsors of Bitbacker can donate anonymously to their favorite founder’s page. Bitbacker’s founders say that fiat-based platforms may take upwards of 10-30 percent from content creators’ donations but since they utilize digital assets like BCH and BTC, the startup can bill close to 1 percent.

Registering for Bitbacker is easy as all it requires is a strong password and email address so as to customize your profile. Immediately after connecting, the platform reminds you to tether a bitcoin speech to your profile so as to receive gifts for articles. Bitbacker explains on its website that it was made to help crypto novices and the team opine that they expect the platform can be”a gateway to cryptocurrencies.” There is a feed people can research which shows all of Bitbacker’s content creators and also a general chat feed.

Discussing with, the Bitbacker founder explained he made the platform to provide a cheap crypto-based solution to donation websites like Patreon and Youtube’s Superchat.

“There is and has always been a huge’tipping culture’ in the crypto community,” the creator of Bitbacker noted. “However, regardless of the enthusiastic willingness of this community, many creators and builders nevertheless resort to using fiat-centered services like Patreon to encourage their job.”

Naomi Brockwell, for example, runs a crypto-focused show, but receives the overwhelming amount of her support through fiat sources like Patreon. This is embarrassingly true among crypto’s most prominent members: Andreas Antonopoulos, whose Youtube channel is practically an advertisement for Patreon.

The creator further emphasized that Patreon is”expensive” and requires 10 percent of their donations. “Youtube takes a much larger 30 percent of their Superchats,” Bitbacker’s creator detailed. “Our organization only takes 1 percentage and we do it by leveraging the capacity of cryptocurrencies to handle all transactions in the customer’s browser — Bitbacker never touches a user’s private key and this provides protection against hacks and avoids the big costs of regulatory compliance.”

Exploring the website’s content shows a wide selection of vloggers, authors, and other types of content creators. At the moment there’s an adequate part of libertarians and cryptocurrency enthusiasts utilizing the platform but the website seems to be gaining a wider audience. Alongside this, the cryptocurrency show host Naomi Brockwell is also using the Bitbacker platform.

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