’s Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Defaults to Bitcoin Cash’s Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Now Defaults to Bitcoin Cash

Source: — an unofficial bitcoin information and information website owned and run by Roger Ver — published an upgrade to its cellular wallet on Monday. Included in this upgrade was added aid for bitcoin cash, a bitcoin fork which claims to meet Satoshi Nakamoto’s true vision for the cryptocurrency.

The shift immediately grabbed the interest of the bitcoin community on Reddit, not since it contained support for bitcoin cash, but because the wallet also makes bitcoin cash the default option in-app cryptocurrency.

When users download the program, it will automatically produce equally bitcoin and bitcoin cash wallets. The bitcoin cash wallet looks first on the list.

After the user clicks “Receive,” it will automatically default to bitcoin cash and they must manually alter it into bitcoin by clicking on the wallet button. The encounter is exactly the same as clicking send, but that I was not able to try this as I only downloaded the program as research to this guide and don’t have coins saved on this gadget.

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Whatever the case, this attribute isn’t instinctive and might easily confuse a novice user that discovered the program by looking for “bitcoin wallet” on Google and isn’t privy to this scaling argument or the fact that BTC and BCH are different cryptocurrencies.

At present, the wallet ranks third on Google for this search phrase and at the top five in the Google Play store, therefore it’s not hard to envision a new user — or even a seasoned user in a moment of carelessness — buying bitcoin and accidentally sending it to their bitcoin cash wallet.

Consumers are free to delete the bitcoin cash wallet, which can cause the ship and receive functions to default to the initial bitcoin wallet, even if the user afterward generates another wallet to get bitcoin cash. But yet more, a novice user will probably not realize they have to do this if they simply wish to utilize the wallet to shop BTC.

‘Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin’

When viewed in isolation, this wallet upgrade would seem a little dumbfounding, as it raises the chance of user error. But it makes more sense when seen against the background of Roger Ver’s current “Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin” effort, which attempts to rebrand BCH as “Bitcoin” and BTC as “SegWit Chain”.

Thus, bitcoin cash opponents — many of whom use the pejorative term “Bcash” to prevent committing the cryptocurrency any institution with bitcoin — started coordinating on Reddit into mass-downvote the program and cause its own rating to tank.

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Source: Google Play

Earlier in the afternoon, the wallet had a score of over four stars, but because of a surge in one-star testimonials, the program is currently rated at only 2.7.

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