Silk Road – The Theatrical Version, Funded by Bitcoin, to Debut in London

The very first of its kind to be financed by bitcoin, Silk Road, the drama, conducted in 2014 in the prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Following a hiatus, it’s back and using a premiere at London. A one-man story based loosely about the trials and tribulations of Ross Ulbricht, who had been convicted of having worked the infamous website and sentenced to two life terms, the creation is both a sign of the planet’s hottest cryptocurrency’s play and its own power.

Bitcoin Funded Silk Road to Debut in London

Silk Road the First Theatrical Production to be Funded by Bitcoin

Silk Road is Alex Oates’ effort to weave moderate politics in using a sort of morality tale. He managed to crowdfund his job on multiple websites, such as Kickstarter. At the moment, they hardly totaled 400 dollars each coin. Now, needless to say, they are hovering over 11,000 USD. That, and based on media reports, Mr. Oates “has gone on to collect a ‘blockfolio’ now worth $40,000, composed of numerous cryptocurrencies.”

Alex Oates did not explain himself as someone especially interested in bitcoin before hearing about Silk Road. Following an experience with the website, along with the subsequent arrest and conviction of its alleged mastermind, Mr. Oates watched a story there.

Ross Ulbricht's Silk Road Story, Funded by Bitcoin, to Debut in London

The Ross Ulbricht story is well worth telling, and value mentioning in as many diverse ways as tears are shed. For mainstream press, it is a story of medication and banned sites and a mysterious money utilized by scofflaws. A number of this is definitely true, but there is a deeper, virtually inchoate sense of morality and ratio often overlooked.

He never personally sold illegal drugs. Never bought them, either. Rather, purchasing and selling happened about the Silk Road in permissionless products and services, a number of these deemed prohibited by some authorities.

A glowing, and with reports, brilliant and kind young man was basically made an illustration: wreck with unregulated money, ease anything less than fully micromanaged commercial sites, which individual is risking their lifetime.

Silk Road, the Play

Starring UK television celebrity, James Baxter, Silk Road is the narrative of this personality Bruce Blakemore, a working-class bloke out of North Eastern England who resides with his grandma’s Reviewers have called it “a range of unforgettable characters … [a] pitch-black humor for its Bitcoin generation.”

Directed by Dominic Shaw, it’s “the very first show ever financed by the crypto money, Bitcoin,” that they assert. It follows Bruce because he along with his “nan” are roped into the seedy underworld of shadowy sites, pirates, medications, and eventually law enforcement.

It opens in the Vault Festival, January 24th, 2018, also runs through the 28th in the Shrapnel Theatre.

Those considering behind Ross Ulbricht’s future appeals are invited to browse around to


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