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Notorious Domain Goes up for Sale, among the net’s most desired domains, is up for sale. The domain name is coveted partly because XBT is the abbreviation that lots of institutional trading platforms utilize to get bitcoin, and due to the website’s notoriety, having been related to the hacking of the US Democratic Party.

It is not often a three-letter dot com domain goes up available, but if it does, it is sure to command a premium price. is of specific interest to bitcoiners, provided the letters XBT are interchangeable with bitcoin in certain circles. This link accounts for why the hosting company in control of the domain names have chosen to capitalize on the bitcoin flourish and price that the domain name in BTC.

200 BTC is the beginning bid for, whose holding page now shows a “purchase now” button and also the choice to set a bid, finish with all the price of bitcoin at real time, denominated in XBT. There is more to the website than a cool name plus a handy bitcoin connection however: the backstory into is the most enthralling part of the entire affair.

Buzzfeed, Trump, and the Damaging Dossier

In January 2017, Buzzfeed printed a narrative based on information provided by study team Fusion GPS. It comprised a set of allegations about XBT, the Luxembourg-based firm currently selling the domain name of the exact same name. XBT, in combination with its own Webzilla subsidiary, was complicit in stealing information in the Democratic Party such as a damning dossier on Donald Trump, the allegation went.

XBT and its own then-CEO bitterly contested these allegations, but the cat was out of the tote, along with the organization’s reputation and finances required a hit. Gubarev and XBT took Buzzfeed to court on the narrative, in a situation that’s still continuing at a Florida court. XBT and Buzzfeed have been sniping ever since, together with the Luxembourg-based firm filing an answer to Buzzfeed’s effort to have the lawsuit dismissed eligible “Six Ways BuzzFeed Has Misled the Court (Number 2 Will Amaze You) … Along With an image of a Kitten”.

Bloomberg estimates Gubarev, through his attorney, as stating:

This domain has way more value in the hands of someone in the cryptocurrency business. Also, the brand name of XBT has severely suffered due to the false allegations in the dossier, and we are considering re-branding as the result of the reputational damage.

XBT’s loss may be just one bitcoin entrepreneur’s profit, but they will have to dig deep to the privilege. Besides this 200 BTC asking price, the voucher wants a deposit of $10,000 or even 0.5 BTC simply to qualified to bid. Without any bids received thus much, it remains to be seen if XBT will succeed in changing among the net’s most infamous domain names.


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