Czech Bank Launches Crypto Friendly Services

Czech Bank Provides Access to Cryptocurrencies and Crowdfunding

A commercial lender in the Czech Republic is currently offering online services which combine conventional fiscal attributes with people for cryptocurrency users. Expobank CZ says its clients will have the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies, purchase startups, and purchase precious metals via their account.

Expobank CZ claims it’s the first bank in Europe to provide account holders the chance to execute crypto-related transactions alongside conventional banking activities. The brand new service called Neo relies on the bank’s internet platform Expobanking. It provides users complete control over their financial tasks, such as those associated with cryptocurrencies, Prague Express documented.

An arrangement with Wbtcb permits the bank’s clients to invest and innovate in BTC. According to a press release referenced by Czech networking, the lender’s clients aren’t going to have to create another cryptocurrency wallet. Higher trade limits will be accessible to confirmed account holders.

They’ll be granted entry to Fundlift, the most significant crowdfunding platform at the Czech Republic and also another of the bank’s spouses. Investors will have the ability to encourage fintech startups by engaging in initial coin offerings in addition to purchase shares of recognized businesses.

Neo account holders may also have the ability to purchase precious metals. Expobank has formed an arrangement with the Czech Mint that produces silver and gold coins and ingots. By way of instance, they could buy insurance policies for company trips from inside their accounts.

Its capital town recently topped a record of the greatest cities to devote digital coins, as shown by a study completed by Fortune Jack that covers bitcoin hotspots across the world. Prague is home to over 150 places that accept cryptocurrency obligations, such as many tourist attractions, shops, resorts, and restaurants.

This past year, the biggest online retailer in the nation,, began accepting BTC. This past spring, among the biggest Czech utility businesses, Pražská Plynárenská, established a cryptocurrency payment gateway for the clients.

With the initiation of the Neo agency, Expobank hopes to draw in more crypto fans, prospective investors, and companies working in the market — and finally expand its client base. In accordance with Czech socket Blesk, the bank now has approximately 20,000 customers.

Restricted access to routine banking solutions remains a significant barrier for businesses operating from the fintech industry, even in crypto-friendly jurisdictions like Switzerland. There’s an ongoing debate in the nation about the best way best to fix the matter so as to stop an exodus of fintech startups.

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