EEA Unveils Common Blockchain Standards

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Unveils Common Blockchain Standards

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announced the launch of a shared technical specification on Wednesday, meeting a pledge that the group made under a month ago in an event in London.

Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification 1.0, published throughout BMI’s Consensus 2018 convention in New York, comes weeks after Jeremy Millar, a founding board member of this 500-plus-member group, talked about the value of common criteria as a means to link development efforts throughout the enterprise-focused, ethereum-based initiative.

It is an important time for the team, which started at the beginning of this past year with funding from major corporates such as British oil giant BP, Wall Street bank JPMorgan Chase and Microsoft, in addition to stakeholders from the blockchain work like ethereum startup studio ConsenSys, Nuco and BlockApps, amongst others. BMI first reported to the team’s job in January 2017.

In statements, agents from the initiative built it as the effect of a months-long collaborative effort involving different stakeholders and yet one which expands access to the computer software.

Ron Resnick, executive director for the EEA, stated of this launch:

“The EEA’s Enterprise Ethereum Specification is the result of 18 months of intense collaboration between leading enterprise, technology and platform members within our technical committee. This EEA open-source, cross-platform framework will enable the mass adoption at a depth and breadth otherwise unachievable in individual corporate silos.”

Really, Resnick talked about the job through a recent interview with BMI, pointing to the procedure as you aimed at linking the various applications customers developed by team members.

“Each of the ethereum customer businesses sees the necessity to concur on those building blocks and elements and the way they speak to one another, since if we do not, then we do not have a means to compete against the proprietary alternatives,” he explained at the moment.

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