Exchanges and Wallets Line Up to Support BCH Hard Fork

Crypto Exchanges Line Up to Support Bitcoin Cash’s Hard Fork

As users will automatically receive an equal quantity of this new coin to the total saved in BCH, it is crucial that their exchange is prepared for the event and will later devote the new tokens.

“In Case numerous viable chains continue after the fork, Coinbase will guarantee customers have access to their capital on each series”

In prep for the event, many exchanges have said they will suspend bitcoin cash concessions and withdrawals soon before the fork to ensure client funds are not at risk due to uncertainty of their post-fork system (s). Users need to be cautious to not deposit BCH inside this era in these types of scenarios.

And it isn’t just exchanges that are having to take decisions inside the feasible growth of a new coin. France-based hardware wallet maker Ledger has said that, Once the fork finishes in Various bitcoin cash blockchains,”eventually, among these would be the dominant string, which we will evaluate to encourage ”

It’s worth noting that Bitmex lately introduced a fork trail to acquire bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

Here’s the current status of the Top 12 BCH markets around CoinMarketCap about the hard fork at press time:

  • OKEx – support confirmed
  • BitForex – support confirmed
  • Binance – support confirmed
  • Digifinex – no statement
  • Huobi – support confirmed
  • Bitfinex – no statement
  • Upbit – support confirmed
  • HitBTC – no statement
  • Coinbase Pro – support confirmed
  • Bitbank – not confirmed
  • Coinsuper – support confirmed
  • GDAC – no statement

Ledger – review confirmed

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