GIFcoin Shares Profits from Online Betting

Gifcoin Shares Profits From Online Betting Through Successful Vitalbet Platform

Recently-launched ICO GIFcoin wishes to reshape how we interact with online betting websites by allowing individuals to have a share of the revenue that is involved. GIFcoin’s history began back in 2011 when a group of experts came together to create a number of products linked to the affiliate marketing area. What they then realized was the potential behind betting and gambling affiliate programs since the most profitable. After building their first business through gambling and slowly leaving other affiliate areas, the team entered the U.K markets, increasing both their affiliate catalogs and gains.

Lots of jobs in the cryptocurrency area share their theories and increase money all while seldom supplying any deliverables. The GIFcoin staff have already established their core product, VitalBet, which operates to the day as a successful online betting website. Covering all significant sports, VitalBet shortly after its launch introduced Bitcoin as a payment option and began to rub shoulders with the cryptocurrency community.

At the moment, VitalBet is among the few bookmakers to accept cryptocurrency and will accept plenty of digital assets after evolution is funded by using their ICO. The initial integrations will see the platform include Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash, and other liquid electronic assets as time continues.

GIFcoin Shares Profits from Online Betting

One of the main pitfalls users face when interacting with online betting websites is unintelligent designs coupled with clunky user encounters. The GIFcoin team intends on outfitting VitalBet using a simple-to-use, aesthetically pleasing layout to permit users to process their own transactions on the platform with ease and simplicity.

VitalBet Breaking Barriers

VitalBet Breaking Barriers

VitalBet’s route to success has already been summarized by the group and it features large advertising campaigns, license software, a brand new affiliate system, an updated staff, and a good deal of payment options. By turning VitalBet to a household brand through sophisticated advertising techniques, they are sure to catch a wide audience to begin utilizing their own platform.

With a $484 billion marketplace inside the internet gambling area, capturing a slice of that using innovative procedures and smart technology ought to be an easy bet to place on GIFcoin and VitalBet.

VitalBet has made a splash in the online betting industry, by placing as the 71st highest rank bookie online against other online betting platforms. Their vision includes continually moving toward the very top, since the team endeavors that they will be among the best 15 bookmakers on the internet by 2020. By combining an efficient platform together with their projected milestones, VitalBet is poised to genuinely take over the internet betting space.

GIFcoin: Sharing Wealth with Platform Participants

GIFcoin: Sharing Wealth with Platform Participants

In the middle of this stage is GIFcoin, that will grant holders and participants access to 80 percent of VitalBet’s annual net profits annually. The distribution period will involve a complete report that’s performed initially, followed by an yearly gain share in Ethereum. GIFcoin’s strategy to audit and disperse involves a complete snapshot of this blockchain prior to the supply period. ICO participants will be informed beforehand on the GIFcoin site, and by email.

The GIFcoin sale includes 300,000,000 complete tokens with 10,000,000 being sold outside. The purchase includes a soft cap of 5,000 Ether and a hard cap of 24,000 Ether put in order to have the ability to build their gaming investment finance.

GIFcoin is now at the first phase of the principal ICO.

Stage Bonus Token Threshold
Stage 1 60% 6,400,000 GIF
Stage 2 40% 7,000,000 GIF
Stage 3 30% 7,800,000 GIF
Stage 4 20% 8,400,000 GIF
Stage 5 15% 92,400,000 GIF
Stage 6 10% 77,000,000 GIF
Stage 7 0% 61,000,000 GIF

To learn more about GIFcoin please make certain to look at their site. To read more about the job, check out their lite newspaper or their white paper. Last, the GIFcoin staff is always accessible their own Telegram and on Twitter to answer any queries.

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