BCH Wallet ‘Handcash’ Enables Bitcoin Cash NFC Transactions

On Saturday, February 10 a fresh bitcoin cash (BCH) wallet has been declared called, Handcash, an SPV customer that empowers Near Field Communication trades.

A group of programmers launched a brand new wallet called Handcash; a bitcoin cash customer for Android mobiles. In the present time the stage remains in its beta form but the wallet concentrates on ease of use and contains a couple of special features. 1 facet is that the wallet’s capability to finish Near Field Communication (NFC) obligations in a matter of minutes. The attribute efficiently looks giving someone a little cash, thus the title ‘Handcash’ claims that the wallet developers. Everyone can make on-the-go obligations with NFC without needing to request a particular speech or QR code.

“NFC Payments: critically, you haveId try this out with somebody. It is so cool to perform a BCH trade with anybody in a few moments without needing to request a speech. It’s effectively similar to donating cash,” clarifies the Handcash founders.

Handcash the NFC Bitcoin Cash Wallet       ‘Cashtag’ Usernames and Encrypted Backups

Along with the NFC performance, the wallet has a special system for speeches since one component permits using usernames instead. The attribute is called ‘cashtags’ along with also the programmer says they aren’t connected to some particular address but they’re connected to a cellphone’s ID. This means every time a user sends bitcoin cash to a different Handcash consumer that the wallet’s system makes a new address for each transaction.

What’s more, the wallet’s programmers detail that the Android customer includes a one-tap wallet backup attribute that’s also different compared to conventional 12-word backup term. The group has developed a system that deletes a wallets backup file plus it stores both personal key information along with the rights to some ‘cashtag’ username at an Google Drive folder.

“If you’re using the google accounts you are logged into in your telephone — Should you change your phone, you can regain your wallet onto the very first display as soon as you reinstall Handcash again,” describes a Handcash staff member.

Beta Testing Until the App Works Properly

Handcash remains in beta and prior to the wallet jumps onto the bitcoin cash mainnet the programmers wish to be certain that the program works correctly. But a ‘Handcashbot’ spreads testnet BCH for consumers to test and experimentation with specific attributes like NFC transactions. The beta version also doesn’t encrypt the wallet encryption and username will be added if the 1.0 Handcash variant goes live. Moreover, the programmers conclude the Cashaddress format is prepared for mainnet when the program leaves beta.

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