Italian Woman Jailed for Bitcoin Murder Plot

Italian Woman Jailed for Bitcoin Murder Plot

An Italian girl had been sentenced to six years at a Catholic prison for hiring a hitman using Bitcoin to murder her own boyfriend. We truly reside in an era of convenience. An individual can purchase clothing, food, and entertainment on the internet with extreme simplicity. Obviously, this also suggests that it is becoming that much simpler to buy unsavory items online, including illegal narcotics, stolen passwords, and even a murder or two. That’s exactly what occurred when an Italian girl living in Denmark hired a hitman using bitcoins through the Dark Internet (insert ominous music here) to kill her boyfriend. Now the girl has been imprisoned for six years because of her Bitcoin murder storyline.

Bitcoins for Blood

She desired that the hitman kill her boyfriend, so she delivered the hitman a picture of their intended victim together with his speech. She insisted that the hitman utilize a silencer which he succeeds in murdering the victim on the very first effort.

The angle which has the press salivating is that the girl paid for this particular contract using 4.1 bitcoins, which was worth roughly $4,000 at the time of their contract. Now that number is worth more than $73,000. I wonder whether the girl is angrier about being sent to jail for six decades or that the bitcoins she compensated with are now worth a lot more.

Do the Crime, Pay the Time

Apparently, employing a hitman on the Dark Web (cue much more menacing music) with Bitcoin is an odd circumstance in Denmark. The 58-year-old girl pled not guilty to the charges, but she was just convicted. She’ll spend the next six years at a brand new prison. After her sentence is finished, she will be deported from Denmark, where she’s lived for the past 30 years. The intended victim was in the courtroom once the sentence was handed down, and he spoke to the woman after the verdict. There are no details on what was said, but my ardent hope is that the man has Bitcoin of his own and that he told her how wealthy he is after selling it for nearly $18,000 a pop-up.

This story has everything that a media outlet could desire. You’ve got murder, a contract killer, the Dark Web, and the use of Bitcoin to perform the deed. Obvious this episode is proof that cryptocurrency goes hand-in-hand using illegal and terrible things. Yes, I’m being sarcastic on that last point.

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