Katy Perry Talks Bitcoin with Warren Buffett, Tells 175 Million Followers About it

American pop singer and songwriter, Katy Perry recently took some time from singing to sit down with Warren Buffett to learn his ideas on bitcoin.

The ‘Swish Swish’ singer submitted a curious photograph on her Instagram accounts lately. There, her 68 million followers watched the moment Perry fulfilled the Berkshire Hathaway CEO in which she had the chance to listen to his perspectives on the electronic money industry.Katy Perry Talks Bitcoin with Warren Buffett

‘nbd inquiring Warren Buffett his ideas on cryptocurrency,’ the singer wrote in her article, which was also sent out to her almost 110 million Twitter followers. What he said concerning the subject is unknown, but Buffet is famous for his outspoken opinions regarding bitcoin.

As among the world’s wealthiest men and a renowned value investor, Buffett has criticised the digital money market in the past, particularly, bitcoin. As soon as 2014, the ‘Oracle of Omaha, ”’ was reported as stating that individuals should ‘stay far out of it,’ asserting that it was a mirage and ‘only a joke.’

Last month, ” Buffett once more commented on the cryptocurrency, this time claiming that the price of bitcoin is an ‘actual bubble,’ adding that he was not optimistic about the capacity of initial coin offerings (ICOs) either. At that time, he explained:

You can’t value bitcoin because it’s not a value-producing asset.

In the time of Perry’s discussion with Buffett, the electronic currency market is experiencing a huge spike in worth, soaring to $327.2 billion, in the time of publishing. This has been greatly pushed along by bitcoin’s rising price, which is presently trading at $10,779. The greatest it has attained, to date, is over $11,000.

Still, the simple fact that Perry has published a photo of her meeting with Buffett to discuss the digital money market, could signify that it has further cemented its foray into the mainstream. With almost 110 million Twitter followers and 68 million on Instagram, Perry may perhaps be opening up a brand new manner of transacting to millions of possible investors that are keen to stick to the lives of stars.

Rather than listening to some stuffy Wall Street banker about the benefits that this technology has, they’ll be more likely to take on board what a celebrity has to say about it. This, then, could help boost the price of bitcoin up as a new wave of investors begins turning to it.

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