Last Chance to Claim ZeroEdge 58% Pre-ICO Bonus

Don’t Miss Your Last Chance To Claim Zeroedge 58% Pre-ico Bonus Tokens

ZeroEdge’s objective is to become the top gambling platform at the global online gaming market. The project intends to accomplish this by supplying both infrastructure and tools to people wanting to build and run their games on the ZeroEdge platform.

ZeroEdge’s platform delivers a vast array of casino games, in addition to betting on all significant leagues, with 0% commission. Furthermore, it’s directed by Ethereum-powered smart contracts, which eliminate the middle-man completely and create games equally completely transparent and totally verifiable on the blockchain.

What’s more, ZeroEdge comes with an innovative RNG mechanism that’s audited and certified with a trustworthy third party, also is an open protocol for both operating and building new and interesting matches on the stage — raising both adoption and exposure.

Most of all, the exclusive usage of Zerocoin means that consumers can play all their favourite casinos with zero home advantage whilst gambling on their favourite sports with 0% commission. Users may also take part in particular, platform-specific occasions and make tokens by competing against others.

An Industry-Leading Team

ZeroEdge comes with an industry-leading team with loads of unique experiences working with many different international web products and gambling/casino businesses. Together, ZeroEdge’s group has created and developed an interesting product using an innovative business model and exceptional marketing strategy within the gaming market.

ZeroEdge’s advisory board can also be comprised of lots of high-profile specialists, each having an established history of succeeding within their various fields of expertise adding immense value to each part of this ZeroEdge company model.

Time is Running Out

Time is of the essence for people seeking to spend in ZeroEdge. ZeroEdge’s Pre-ICO is now live ‘ but time is running out to benefit from its own limited-time earnings bonus. As of press time, there are less than 6 hours left to get a ridiculous 58 percent Pre-ICO bonus. On the other hand, the market sale has attained 85 percent of its own cap — and after that cap has been reached, the sale ends.

If you want to find more information, have a look at the job’s official site, where you are able to peruse the whitepaper, find out how everything works, and — naturally — make the most of a 58 percent Pre-ICO bonus.

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