Libereum Buys Spanish Soccer Club Elche CF

Dutch Blockchain Company Libereum Buys Spanish Soccer Club Elche CF

Dutch crypto firm Libereum has announced the purchase of Spanish football team Elche CF, that are located in the province of Alicante. The movement provides another indication the crypto world’s interest in athletics sponsorship and partnerships is increasing.

Libereum, a business which is”mostly geared toward creating cryptocurrency widely available to the ordinary individual,” has set an initial payment of $4.3 million ($4.9 million) for the Spanish club. The purchase marks a trend in the crypto world for attracting cryptocurrency to sports with the expectation that P2P cash may be embraced as a way of payment in stadiums, club stores, sites and elsewhere.

The purchase of this club, who perform at the Segunda División A (Spain’s second professional institution soccer branch ) is a portion of Libereum’s strategies to bring back the club up into the highest branch and produce their particular cryptocurrency, the liber, an essential portion of the club’s fiscal system.

“The group has been working really hard to accomplish this and I want to express my thanks for all those who’ve contributed to the remarkable and intensive process.”

Libereum’s most important aim is to put money into football clubs, with the objective of producing demand for its coin. The business has ambitious aims of separating everything from transport prices and ticket revenue into merchandising and scene catering, helped by cryptocurrency.

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