Luxury Pens Meets Cryptocurrency

Limited supply, cheaper if you buy earlier, Luxury Pens meets Cryptocurrency

If it has to do with fountain pens, Ancora is your definition of attractiveness. This Italian company was set up in the first half of the previous century following the creator, Giuseppe Zanini, started his first ever factory. The company has always favored craftsmanship over bulk manufacturing, and to the day create a number of the best and most lavish pens in the marketplace.

A fixed amount of pens have been fabricated, very similar to this “limited source” theory that’s widespread in several cryptocurrencies today. Two styles of this pencil are being supplied, roller ball and fountain. Ancora is just promoting 888 roller ball pens, each having a private manufacturing amount etched into the floor. The fountain pens will probably be much more distinctive, with just 88 to be made.

The First Physical Item ICO

The pre-production point, which is regrettably over, provided the pens for 25 percent off to people seeking to get in early. The pencils will be marketed for the manufacturing price that’s still half off retail. When the manufacturing stage finishes, the pens will probably be marketed for the total retail price.

Some pens will probably be sexier. These are the rare numbered pens. These can also have a customized leather pencil case. In addition to the purchase, Ancora can also be set to establish a special trading platform for people who look to exchange these fancy writing tools.

The Bitcoin pens aren’t the sole crypto writing tool that Ancora intends to offer you. They now are operating a Telegram station, where consumers can vote and go for different monies to get their very own pens be produced. They have already announced plans craft pens to additional top digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

They intend to not just accept fiat for all these pens but additionally Bitcoin and Ethereum. Coveted gold, platinum, and silver amounts will only be available for sale for electronic currencies.

The procedure to produce these pens is exactly what makes them really special. These are not such as the conveyor belt mass-produced pens you visit, everyone is handmade by an expert artisan. These are not so many pens since they are collectibles for crypto fans and stylophiles everywhere.

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