Mainnet Lightning Payments Drops Bitcoin Fees Near-Zero


Anonymous VPN agency TorGuard has come to be one of the very first consumer companies to take Lightning Network (LN) obligations for Bitcoin. In messages Twitter staff because emerged to back up independently, TorGuard supported users are now able to pay for the services in Bitcoin with Lightning, significantly reducing trade times and penalties.

The information makes the firm a leader of Bitcoin mainnet LN payments following the tech surfaced as a testnet interface. “Disclaimer: c-lightning isn’t production ready. TorGuard will pay for reduction of money when sending LN payments. Testnet is so dull,” tweets added.

One Transaction = One Satoshi?

Excited community members responded widely favorably to a customer support representative likewise offering LN obligations, apparently unaware TorGuard had publicly declared the new attribute.

“Can you have (an) LN (mainnet) node ready to go? If this is the case, I will bill you for 1 month of the support for just 1 satoshi,” the agent supplied.

This last point seemed to induce controversy, responses asserting the true price of a Lightning trade will be considerably greater compared to the $0.‎‎ 00014167 quoted as a result of the requirement to start and close a station before and afterwards.

Bitcoin advocates have long championed Lightning because the vital remedy to the continuing high transaction fees and slow verification times that have plagued the community because its mass uptake which started approximately one year ago.

While altcoins like Bitcoin Cash and many lately Ripple have jumped onto the issue as evidence their offerings are more precious than Bitcoin, early adopters stay convinced that so-called Layer 2 upgrades like LN payments will create such discussions null and void.

Late last month, Bitcoin-based phone lookup service Bitrefill also started using quad mainnet obligations to fulfil customer requests as part of powerful “restricted testing”.

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