Maybe it’s Not a Bear Market for Bitcoin

Is it a Bear Market or Just Back to Reality for Bitcoin

Bitcoin has slipped under $7,000 to put from the mid-six million range this week with increasing speculation that it might fall under six as investors get panicky and market.

The six-month meteoric growth of cryptocurrency prices and prevalence from July 2017 through to January 2018 left a lot of people wealthy and attracted a great deal of focus on the distance but it might also have caused a great deal of harm to the long-term rise and maturation of the technology.

After the rush was on purchasing Bitcoin became a get rich quick scheme for most and in turn brought from the natives which gained the attention of those worlds regulatory bodies that, without actually understanding how to classify electronic currencies, have created a feeling of uncertainty and dread around them. For people who purchased in late 2017 if Bitcoin was at record highs, the current price marks feel just like enormous drops in value but step back a little to check in Bitcoin within a two year period and also the term bear market doesn’t apply.

It is correct that Bitcoin dropped in value this week dropping 4.6% on Tuesday and it is down over 50 percent up to now this year but returns a year back to June 2017 to find that it had been trading at about $2,000 then. Traveling back a second year and it was selling for approximately $750 each coin. Maybe what we’re seeing is a return to a pragmatic evaluation of the coin once it experienced an unparalleled 1,400% increase in price within six months at 2017.

Lower prices May be a Good Thing

Commenting on Motives for the Current Recession Kyle Samani, managing partner in Austin, Texas-based crypto hedge fund Multicoin Capital Advised MSN Money”I Really Don’t think That This is driven on Some Specific news, just the general downtrend Following the 2017 Conduct,” Prior to adding;

“A lot of people who bought at $9,000 in April are realizing that they’re not going to break even anytime soon, and are instead trying to get out.”

This exploding bubble, keep market or return to sensible valuations may be good for the distance and the future of the tech in the long run. Without the chance of overnight riches, the natives and pitchmen should drop away, the shitcoins disappear, regulatory agencies can have a breath and eventually present some clarity and those who genuinely believe in crypto will be left to keep on developing the technologies.

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