August continues to be a record-setting month to its cryptocurrency space. First, that the bitcoin cost reached an all-time large. Then — fueled by bitcoin and ethereum cost rallies — the entire value of all cryptocurrencies increased to $125 billion, shattering its previous best. On Wednesday, that the markets set yet another record: that the variety of cryptocurrencies with market caps exceeding $1 billion.


As CoinMarketCap reports, each leading 10 cryptocurrency currently has a market cap exceeding $1 billion.) Since that the start of August, that there were three entrants into the 1 billion bar: bitcoin money, IOTA, and NEO.

Bitcoin Cash Enters that the Picture

Bitcoin cash instantly attained the billionaires club following its own tough fork from the primary bitcoin blockchain and has always rated 3-4th in total market cap. At one stage, it accelerates a valuation of over $10 billion, but it’s since dropped to $4.9 billion.

bitcoin cash price

There is much disagreement about where bitcoin money goes from here, but for the time being, bitcoin money holds a substantial share of their entire crypto market cap.

IOTA Climbs that the Rankings

The IOTA cost was on a roller coaster throughout the previous few months, however it’s always climbed since the start of August after statements of partnerships with bands such as Imperial College London, Blockchain in Berkeley, along with also a  nonprofit company helping refugees.

IOTA price

Since getting its own $ 1 billion club membership card on August 4, IOTA has increased its market cap to $1.5 billion.

And NEO Makes 10

NEO — that was dubbed the “Chinese Ethereum” — would be the most recent cryptocurrency to achieve $1 billion.) Formerly called AntShares, NEO is China’s initial open-source blockchain platform. Since rebranding itself as NEO, the system’s native money has jumped. As lately as July 12, the NEO cost was 5, causing a market cap of only $250 million.)

NEO price

Like IOTA, the NEO cost has assembled an unbelievable August operate. NEO didn’t cross the $500 million brink till August 3. By August 6), it had reached $750 million.) On August 9, it burst through $1 billion and continued its rapid progress. At current, NEO has a market cap of $1.4 billion — a weekly growth of greater than just (*************************************************************************************************) percent.

Open to New Members?)

This brand new record is excellent news for its cryptocurrency ecosystem since it suggests investments are flowing into varied platforms and projects. Hopefully, that will promote inventions that will benefit the community as a whole. Time will inform if the crypto billionaires club will continue to take new members.

Eleventh-rated QTUM has dropped its market cap to $860 million at the past week, while 12th-place Monero and 13th-place Stratis every need to grow approximately $250 million to reach that mark. However, if the markets require a bearish twist, a number of this club’s current entrants might have their paychecks.

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