Venezuelan President Announces Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency “Petro”

According to Reuters, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro recently announced a brand new cryptocurrency during a Christmas television special, amid the country’s financial meltdown and the dip of this Venezuelan Bolivar’s value.

Maduro, a former bus driver and union leader who took office in 2013, did not show a lot about the yet to be established cryptocurrency called “Petro,” or how the country would go by creating and distributing it but did state “the 21st century has arrived!”

Throughout the air, Maduro demonstrated that the cryptocurrency is going to be backed by commodity reserves such as diamonds, oil, and gold. Per the Venezuelan chief, the Petro can help Venezuela conquer the country’s financial “blockade.” A statement printed on the administration’s website reads (rough translation):

“Venezuela will create a…cryptocurrency to advance monetary sovereignty, as it will help to overcome the financial blockade and thus move towards new forms of international financing for the economic and social development of the country.”

The statement demonstrates how sanctions enacted by U.S. President Donald Trump’s government this season damage the nation’s capacity to transfer money through the global banking system. Venezuela, as insured by BMI, continues to be ravaged by economic issues brought on by hyperinflation and government failures.

The nation is presently lacking basic needs such as food and medication, and its own currency, the bolivar, is currently in freefall since it moved down 57 percent a month exclusively on black markets because of currency controls and excessive money printing.

Reuters reports that funding sections are inspecting trades connected to Venezuela, which is subsequently slowing down bond obligations and thwarting oil exports. As insured by BMI, the nation’s problems forced plenty of people of the nation to rely on bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies to live, as neither the Western Union nor PayPal operates there.

The Petro May Not Bring People Immediate Relief

Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency Petro to Combat US Blockade

Maduro’s pivot away in the U.S. buck comes in a time where bitcoin’s popularity strikes since it attained a fresh all-time high over $11,800. But, resistance leaders in Venezuela are not convinced it will address the nation’s problems, since they state the petro requires legislative approval, and a few have cast doubt on whether it’s going to ever see the light of day, taking into consideration that the nation’s situation.

The government’s bad policies compelled countless Venezuelans to fight for survival, as three meals per day are not a given. The commodity-backed cryptocurrency, the petro, is not likely to deliver them any instant relief.

Economists and resistance leaders state Maduro has denied to reevaluate Venezuela’s controls that infringe the financial meltdown, and figure out he could currently be wanting to pay foreign creditors in the cryptocurrency and also intend to restructure the nation’s major debt burden — a strategy which they think will probably flop.

As Andreas Antonopoulos set it:

Maduro views it as a struggle against a Washington-backed conspiracy to sabotage his government and put an end to socialism in Latin America, and moved up to announcing a fiscal “world war.”

Cryptocurrencies in Venezuela

As stated previously, cryptocurrencies are assisting the people of Venezuela to bypass the government’s limitations. With bitcoin and dashboard, by way of instance, it’s likely to purchase gift cards and use them on online marketplaces such as Amazon to get goods from overseas.

Adoption has not yet surfaced as the authorities have not been tender with cryptocurrency fans previously, and crime is relatively prevalent in the nation.

Previously, governments have tried to suppress bitcoiners from the nation, as its own online supplier, CANTV, blocked bitcoin-related sites and mining pools, even while the nation’s largest cryptocurrency trade SurBitcoin was forced to temporarily shut down operations following Banesco bank shut its own account.

Cryptocurrency mining became an important revenue source in the nation, but as mentioned by BMI Venezuela has been breaking on it, as authorities are targeting those defendants of using too much power.

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