Overstock Glitch Mixes Up Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Overstock Glitch Mixes Up Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Online retailer Overstock is famous for their many bargains and earnings, but a glitch on the organization’s website allowed customers to acquire an unexpected deal.

Overstock’s site gave clients the choice to cover Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash interchangeably. Although a seemingly modest mistake, the 2 cryptocurrencies hold vastly different values. In accordance with Coin Market Cap, Bitcoin is valued at roughly $14,000 while Bitcoin Cash sits in a value of approximately $2,566. Clients taking advantage of the error would likewise have had the chance of cancelling the order and also being reimbursed in Bitcoin, creating a gain consequently.

Krebs exemplified the way to pull off the heist when he bought off solar lights the site.

Overstock educated Krebs to deliver 0.00475574 value of Bitcoin for their speech for those lights, a price of $78.27, but he also sent the charge in Bitcoin Cash instead. Worse yet, when he asked a refund, then it had been processed, approved, and paid out in Bitcoin.

The glitch in the machine gets exponentially more bemused as the price of the merchandise purchased increases. Krebs said the chance of purchasing a diamond ring priced at $100,000 in the site and repeating the very same actions to create $85,000 nearly immediately.

Fixing a Potentially Costly Error

When made conscious of the matter, Overstock immediately achieved to Coinbase, their spouse in permitting Bitcoin obligations on their site, to solve the matter. The Business also issued an announcement to Mr. Krebs, saying:

We were made aware of an issue affecting cryptocurrency transactions and refunds by an independent researcher. After working with the researcher to confirm the finding, that method of payment was disabled while we worked with our cryptocurrency integration partner, Coinbase, to ensure they resolved the issue. We have since confirmed that the issue described in the finding has been resolved, and the cryptocurrency payment option has been re-enabled.

Regardless of the Coinbase and Overstock working together to fix the issue, neither company appears to want responsibility for your glitch.

Coinbase immediately released a statement asserting the glitch has been “due to the retailer spouse improperly using the yield values in our retailer integration API,” while also noting that no additional Coinbase client had this issue. On the flip side, Overstock asserts they did not alter any of the underlying code within their website.

There are no documented cases of consumers abusing the glitch to obtain money as of yet.

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