Poloniex Announces Pre-Fork BCH Trading

Crypto Exchange Poloniex Announces ‘Pre-Fork’ Trading for Bitcoin Cash

Poloniex announced Tuesday that it will be the very first cryptocurrency exchange to provide trading to the impending bitcoin cash (BCH) hard fork amid a continuing debate within the tech’s roadmap.

Beginning Wednesday night, Poloniex, operated by Goldman Sachs-backed startup Circle, demonstrated that it will start offering customers the choice to purchase bitcoin cash ABC (BCHABC) and bitcoin cash SV (BCHSV) trading tokens.

This is the very first time Poloniex has trading pairs to get a crypto asset before a potential fork, a move it says is a part of a broader strategy to boost the organization’s customer experience, according to a company site article.

The article reads:

“We’re doing this to empower customers to demonstrate their support for one coin over the other through trading activity. Poloniex will also support trading markets for both tokens after the hard fork.”

From the message, the exchange worried its intention to stay impartial during the split to be able to permit the community to select which blockchain it will encourage, shown through advanced trading action. In addition, it said that it might be assessing each hard fork separately to choose whether to encourage the fork or keep pre-fork trading.

Pre-fork trading was made accessible for USDC/BCHSV and USDC/BCHABC in addition to bitcoin trading currencies.

Clients will also have the ability to convert their BCH to an equal quantity of BCHABC and BCHSV and vice versa whenever they desire to withdraw money, but they won’t have the ability to draw BCHABC and BCHSV before the fork.

The exchange intends to keep on supporting trading for bitcoin cash ABC and SV following the projected fork on Nov. 15.

All in all, the news is during what’s been a trading day to the crypto advantage, one which has jumped of late to the news dealers could have the ability to get extra tokens throughout the invention of a rival blockchain, if the blockchain’s users continue to support both versions of this technologies.

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