Proposed Crypto Moratorium Rejected in Montana

Proposed Crypto Mining Moratorium Rejected by County in Montana

Montana’s next most populous country, Missoula County, has rejected the proposal for a moratorium on cryptocurrency operations. The proposal was initially presented in a public hearing in June but had been postponed for 3 months.

Missoula County’s board of commissioners held a public hearing Thursday to determine whether to accept or refuse the proposal for a one-year emergency moratorium on new or enlarged cryptocurrency operations.

Crypto mining might be restricted in the county”under temporary crisis interim zoning,” the Missoulian described. The mining moratorium proposal was initially presented in a public hearing from June however, the decision has been postponed for three weeks”to give employees more time to consider several choices,” the publication added.

Following Thursday’s hearing, the county published a note on its website saying:

The commissioners voted not to adopt interim zoning, and instead directed staff to investigate the development of regulations targeting the impacts of concern such as noise, electronic waste, and energy.

Jennie Dixon in the county’s Community and Planning Services department showed that 92 percent of roughly 80 written remarks from 71 people supported the moratorium, the information outlet noted.

No Authority

Attorney Jaymie Bowditch represents Hyperblock Technologies, the parent firm of Project Spokane, among the firms running a cryptocurrency mining performance in the Missoula city of Bonner. He explained:

In order to approve the one-year moratorium using interim zoning, they [the county] had to show an imminent threat to public health or safety. By extending the public hearing for three months, it showed that no immediate danger was posed.

Commissioner Jean Curtiss was quoted from the book confirming that”the county does not have the authority the cities or state might need to govern 1 business utilizing the interim zoning.”

Commissioner Dave Strohmaier commented,”We are referring to the impacts themselves, not always crypto mining within a business — the sound, e-waste, potential excessive use of power that threatens our world.” He was quoted indicating:”It might be that we want a much wider approach due to the possibility this could be myopic. However, I have serious issues regarding the energy usage.”

Crypto Mining in Missoula County

The county was trying to pull crypto miners to prepare operations. According to its own website:

Missoula County is an attractive place for locating cryptocurrency mining operations due to the region’s low electricity rates and cool weather which helps to keep equipment from overheating.

The county’s site also details which”Electric utilities which function at Missoula County report getting huge quantities of queries from cryptocurrency mining companies.” What’s more, there are”two commercial-scale cryptocurrency mining centers” which are now working at the county,”and an unknown number of little home-based cryptocurrency mining processes ”

However, the site also points out some questions concerning”the present and possible adverse effects of cryptocurrency mining on the public health and security of its occupants.” These effects include noise pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, electric system reliability and security, fire safety risk, and digital mail containing heavy metals and carcinogens.

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