REcoin is the first cryptocurrency that is backed by Real Estate. REcoin Group is the real estate-backed start up that has recently announced its pre-sale and ICO launch to be started from August 7, 2017. The dates have long been awaited by the potential investors in real estate market and by blockchain community members.

REcoin is a blockchain start-up based in Las-Vegas. REcoin is the newly introduced Ethereum-based cryptocurrency having smart contract capabilities, which bring a plethora of solutions to execute, B2B, B2C and P2P real estate activities without requiring trusted third parties. As announced by Maksim Zaslavskiy, the founder of the Group and a real-estate seasoned professional, the crowdsale process includes both pre-token sale and official ICO campaign.

The REcoin Cryptocurrency

REcoin token’s value is ensured by American real estate assets, held in a trust equal to the value of all REcoins sold. The company is supporting its ecosystem and running its internal payment unit. The system is being escalated to include new partners to enhance the potential of REcoin. At present, the cooperative partners of the Group are 101NEWS, 101MLS, 101FUNDIT, 101COWORK, and 101REBID.

The X Factor

REcoin is the new proprietary cryptocurrency developed for a wide range of financial contracts and transactions, backed by the real estate assets held in 101REcoin Trust. This includes real estate of the stable and highly developed and therefore, less risky economies like Japan, U.S.A., Canada, Switzerland and Great Britain.

The team has been working to bring flawless solutions for REcoin holders, letting them enter the smart contracts in real estate rentals. In addition, the supporting ecosystem and partnerships with multiple internet platforms, have also been the focus. A profitable partnership program has especially been developed for expanding operations and services in the real estate, where conducting operations in REcoin will be beneficial.

The Investment Scenario

The measures and features being designed by the REcoin team, are expected to give REcoin’s investment potential a big boost. The raised funds from the tokens sold, will be used in highly regulated real estate market in all regions while strengthening the confidence of traders and users on REcoin. Moreover, 83 percent of mining in next 50 years of the issue will be re-injected into real estate also.

The REcoin Ecosystem

Following the launch, the REcoin ecosystem is to be presented by following internet partner platforms:

101rebid – an online platform directed towards auctions in real estate

101cowork – Internet service for browsing and selecting real estate services

101news – a news site developed for news related to real estate

101mls – a classified ads platform exclusively made for Realtors

101fundit – an online platform for real estate crowdfunding

Since, token volume designated for the sale at impressive discounts is limited, early investors are going to be more benefited.

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