Revain Fighting Fake ICO Reviews Using AI and Blockchain

How Revain Project is Fighting Fake ICO Reviews Using AI and Blockchain

On October 24, Revain, an agency for collecting consumer testimonials, published a full-fledged operating 1.0 version of its Ethereum-based platform. Since the project team noted on BMI, the 1.0 version is entirely blockchain-based, including a verification system and artificial intelligence (AI), one of many of its new features. “Users can view each the testimonials written in the blockchain on a unique webpage,” reads the official media launch.

The Revain platform has been launched so as to switch the process of collecting testimonials from clients, by way of blockchain technology. The support is aimed to assist new projects and startups gain responses from users.

The fundamental element of this Revain platform is its own Dashboard, which permits startup teams to communicate with users and benefit them for high quality testimonials. “We’ve been working on producing the Dashboard. There were ten releases: variations 0.1 to 1.0 using quite a few new attributes added,” that the Revain team reported to BMI.

In accordance with Revain’s previous media release, the Dashboard might be great for businesses in a variety of manners. Primarily, reacting to certain reviews is a fantastic tool for handling unwanted reviews and encouraging favorable ones. Second, as the Revain team guarantees its users, a high number of quality reviews about a firm will allow it to stand out among other people in a really favorable manner.

The AI moderation system will have the ability to take into account the tone of their reviews, in addition to filter them based on specific parameters — like emotion, speech design, and societal trends. “Revain AI filters out low tech testimonials and manufactures quality ones entitled to benefits,” reads the company’s press launch.

To be able to inspire authors to write testimonials, businesses can benefit users with inner tokens called RVNs.

Revain has just introduced its first superior service for blockchain projects and crypto exchanges that were created to assist them improve their standing and perception one of the crypto community. A premium subscription has been the primary portion of the most recent v0.9 launch of the Dashboard. Aside from the premium subscription, Revain fully redesigned the free email and also added the capability to share a particular review.

As a result of blockchain technologies — and Ethereum platform specifically — all the testimonials can’t be edited or altered, says the organization’s website. Along with these, the organization intends to add different businesses in a later.

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