Russian Lawyers to Study Cryptocurrencies ICOs and Smart Contracts

Professional Course Prepares Russian Lawyers for the Cryptocurrency Industry

Russian businesses have coordinated an improvement route to prepare legal specialists for the challenges of functioning at the cryptocurrency area. The earliest university of economics from the nation, two law firms providing services to electronic companies, and the two houses of parliament are supporting the project to help attorneys understand the particulars of the business.

It is focused on matters regarding the legislative acts of this nascent industry in addition to law enforcement practices in Russia and other authorities.

Based on Alexander Zhuravlev, managing partner in the Efficient Business Resources law business and also co-founder of this program, the effective conclusion of this class enables jurists to operate with blockchain products. Anti-money laundering (AML) clinics and understand your client (KYC) procedures will be a part of the program too.

IT Technologia, a firm providing legal guidance to IT companies, along with also the Russian parliament are also one of the organizers of this program. They’ve encouraged a range of lecturers from other areas, such as legal experts, professors and representatives of the company community such as Gerbert Shopnik, CEO of the Russian division of mining firm Bitfury and Alexander Mikhailov, cofounder and manager of Lavka Lavka, a natural food farmers’ cooperative and restaurant chain which includes its own token.

Included in this “Blockchain Lawyers” class, participants will pay a visit to the State Duma and the Federation Council, the upper and lower house of Russia’s legislature, also present lawmakers for their own ideas concerning the regulation of this electronic market, for example, cryptocurrency market. The pupils will have the chance to meet representatives of the Russian online giant Group. The attorneys will join a network of specialists employed to improve the legal framework to your fintech industry that’s still under development.

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