Samsung Files Trademark for Smartphone Crypto Wallet

South Korean Giant Samsung Files UK Trademark for Smartphone Crypto Wallet

Electronics manufacturer Samsung has registered a trademark that indicates it may be contemplating incorporating a cryptocurrency wallet into its telephones. The submitting, filed to the U.K.’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) on Dec. 27, reinforces reports that emerged earlier this month claiming that cryptocurrency integration had been on Samsung’s schedule.

Speculation is increasing that Samsung may be on the brink of starting a cryptocurrency-equipped smartphone. The filing of a trademark on Dec. 27, following weeks of rumors, has added weight to the belief that Samsung has cryptocurrency on its roadmap, which a built-in wallet may be the next feature to be added to its flagship telephones, which retail for up to $750. Simply titled”Samsung Crypto Wallet,” trademark UK00003363431 does not show much by means of detail, but its name is unambiguous enough.

Because of the filing, cryptocurrency users will probably be left with two pressing questions:

1. Is Samsung developing a standalone hardware wallet or a integrated smartphone wallet?

2. Has the signature been registered defensively or offensively? In other words, does Samsung have any intention of really developing the device in the near future?

Indeed, exactly the same say that the Samsung Crypto Wallet trademark has been approved, another 42 trademarks from the Asian electronics maker were also registered in the U.K.

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