The current SEC ruling that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) will need to comply with securities registration legislation (when the tokens they’re selling are believed equity) has led to apprehensions which ICOs will dry up in the united states. But, Filecoin has increased $52 mln at a pre-ICO sale, as a prelude to what’s promised for a SEC compliant ICO.

What’s Filecoin?

The system is expected to provide owners of unused storage a way to market their storage capability. It’s also expected to reduce the prices of storing data reliably. Given that the large amounts of unused storage in data centres and hard drives across the planet, a pure marketplace exists for this support.


Filecoin has increased $52 mln at a pre-ICO sale, where the company offered chosen investors securities that would cause the feasibility of Filecoin tokens.

The list of files available for potential inspectors is comprehensive — including the white paper into Private Placement Memorandum to Straightforward Deal for Future Tokens (SAFT). The tokens won’t be filed under the Securities Laws and will be marketed under an exemption clause exclusively to accredited investors. Each investor is going to need to execute the SAFT and will need to finish an investor poll to take part in the market. Additionally, there are limitations on the capacity of investors to market these tokens till they ‘ are ‘faulty’ (Vesting Period as agreed in the SAFT and quantified from the system launching).

Is this the ideal strategy?

The SEC rule on licensed traders functions on the premise that wealthy investors (as characterized by net value) are more inclined to be educated and understand the dangers of investment. Nonetheless, in the cryptocurrency area, this isn’t always correct. A cross section of individuals including students, applications engineers, cryptography experts, etc. . have a profound understanding about ICOs but might not have the net value necessary to become an accredited investor. Preventing them from investing is just likely to close out a massive part of their cryptocurrency community in the ICO marketplace.

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