SlowMist Claims Having Enough Evidence to Locate Ethereum Classic Attacker

Security Firm Asks Exchanges to Help It Find Ethereum Classic Attacker

China-based security company SlowMist has promised that it’s sufficient evidence to find the culprit behind current series strikes on ethereum classic. In a moderate article published Wednesday, SlowMist outlined the majority of their investigation about ethereum classic, specifying the 3 wallet covers and four trade hashes that found the right-wing block reorganization (reorg) strikes on the community. The business also corroborated data introduced by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

The two SlowMist and Coinbase said dual spends have happened as a consequence of block reorgs, together with SlowMist asserting a total of seven transactions were rolled back in the community and 54,200 ETC (nearly $270,000) invested another time.

Affirming these strikes to have begun as early as Saturday 19:58 UTC, the business highlights that similar strikes on the community have stopped, together with the past documented one happening Tuesday at 4:30 UTC.

SlowMist further said it is still trying to learn where the addresses that are identified are , which the company said could be deduced”when the applicable exchanges are prepared to assist.”

Talking to BMI, SlowMist identified, Bitrue and Binance since the exchanges they are looking to work together to be able to Find the attacker.

Ethereum classic programmers are working closely together with the SlowMist staff to recognize the source of those attacks and are meeting today through a personal Discord call in 5 pm UTC to talk about actionable things moving ahead.

In advance of the meeting, ethereum classic programmers tweeted a overview of priorities for your community, highlighting that”we won’t reorg the revert or chain the events on series under any circumstance”

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