Social Network Raises $1.5m to Introduce Crypto to Masses
 Crypto-focused social media, that enables contributors to make bitcoin cash for generating articles, is poised to ramp up its operations after securing $1.5 million. The Series A financing, courtesy of mining specialists Bitmain and Nchain, will help the website’s operators within their mission to educate the masses around cryptocurrency and use it in their everyday lives., the brainchild of notable bitcoiner Ryan X Charles, has been among the most prosperous sites to have adopted bitcoin cash because the decentralized currency was started last summer. Elements of news blogs and social networks like Steemit have been harnessed to make a clean and minimalist portal for sharing online humor, fiction, artwork, and cryptocurrency news. The website has been flourishing, with strong weekly expansion and a passionate community who treasure the ability to monetize and reward powerful content.

Long-time cryptocurrency enthusiasts can recall the very first purchase they created with crypto. Typically, it’s going to have been bitcoin, and, whether or not the transaction happened on the dark net or the clearnet, the sensation of undergoing P2P digital cash in activity is transformative; life-affirming even. Yet many crypto newcomers, that got in through the electronic gold rush of 2017, have to relish that sense. Many newbs know only what it’s like to purchase, hoard, and hodl. However, it does not have to be this way, just because it didn’t used to be like that.

Micropayments Made Easy

Bitcoin heart has now passed the stage of being useable for micro-transactions — for now — however bitcoin cash is helping to fill this emptiness. Announcing information of this financing that will help protect the site’s long run, CEO Ryan X Charles wrote:

Anyone anywhere can start earning money for the things they love to do. The potential to change the way social media works and to improve the quality of content on the internet is enormous.

Bitmain’s Jihan Wu also talked fondly of along with the job it has done so far in creating cryptocurrency spendable in tiny amounts on the internet. The funds that Bitmain and Nchain have supplied may help the San Francisco-based recruit engineers since it aims an aggressive expansion strategy.

The website creates one of the very best internet use instances for paying bitcoin cash, which continues to move from strength to strength. This week Kucoin exchange started bitcoin cash trading monies. Users will then have the ability to exchange KCS, ACT, DAT, XAS, UTK, and DENT utilizing BCH. Coupled with tales like the achievement of this Bitcoin Cash Tippr bot, they are proof that BCH is proving to be far more than only a store of value.


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