– Bringing Innovation to the Financial Sector includes a vision to revolutionize the financial industry, recognizing that in 2008 the world market almost collapsed, asserting that it was not due entirely to recklessness and a lack of transparency, but since the financial industry had neglected to keep up with innovation.

The team supporting sees that little has changed since 2008, nor have been learned. Investors are at the mercy of large commissions and low liquidity and, together with transparency still lacking, even third-party verification suffers from conflicts of interest. intends to disrupt the present financial institution and lead it forward with honest and fair trading, conducted and recorded about the protected and transparent blockchain.’s one-of-a-kind trading and financing system goes past cryptocurrency assets, also offering Forex and CFDs over valuable metals, oil, commodities, indices, and global equities. At launch, they intend to feature over 120 products on their platform.

Trade Token and ICO

To be able to ease a new trading platform, will introduce the Trade Token (TIO), a utility market that enables trades of a vast assortment of assets, which also functions as a medium of exchange and as a store of value.

Among the chief benefits which is offering investors is accessibility to what they’re calling the liquidity, where owners will probably receive the chance to contribute a number of their saved assets to some P2P bandwidth pool. In this pool, 50 percent of the daily earnings generated by will be paid to owners from the pool through a minimum of 2500 Trade Tokens will be asked to be eligible for this benefit. will be devoting 500 million Trade Tokens, of which roughly two thirds will be made accessible for your crowdsale. Their ICO will operate out of the December 7th before the 4th of January 2018, and some unsold tokens will be ruined at the close of the crowdsale.

Allocation of those tokens will be from the following regions;

  • 23% for acquisitions and IP’s,
  • 20% for licenses,
  • 20% for operations,
  • 18% for the liquidity pool,
  • 7% for development,
  • 9% for seed and venture fund,
  • 3% reserved for legal, audits and advisory purposes. has finished their pre-ICO successfully, raising over $11.3M from over 4,000 participants. In accordance with, is now the 5th most prosperous ICO in Ethereum donations.’s Experience and Partnerships’s staff have more than twenty decades of expertise in trading, investment banking, compliance and risk management. They’ve formed strategic partnerships with a number of companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces, for example:

  • Civic, whose technology will be used for identification and verification purposes;
  • MODULAR, whose new Biosym framework decreases ICO processes by 85% on the Ethereum Network;
  • HitBTC, the London based exchange has agreed to accept Trade Tokens. will announce shortly when the Trade Token (TIO) will start trading. TIO will have trading pairs with Bitcoin and Ethereum;
  • Bancor, whose protocol will allow users to convert Trade Tokens (TIO) to any other ERC20 token.

Paul Clarkson, CPO of All HitBTC had the following to say:

“It is no secret that HitBTC is very selective in the tokens & coins we record, we’ve got stringent criteria and require an extensive quantity of due diligence before extending an offer. has been demonstrated to be a reliable partner and we’re very happy to record TIO, and begin a long-term relationship”

In addition to partnering with additional high profile and innovative businesses, also bought the US controlled broker-dealer (BD) in a bid to concentrate on US regulatory compliance.

William Heyn,’s VP of Capital Markets, clarified:

Being able to conduct’s business in the United States in a regulatory compliant manner is critical.  The broker/dealer will afford us with tremendous opportunities and unlock many sources of revenue potential.

Among the latest partnerships forged by is that with Bancor. By incorporating the Bancor protocol using their own stage, consumers will have the ability to convert their TIO tokens to another ERC20 token from your Bancor system in a automatically calculated price. Of the new venture, CEO Jim Preissler commented:

We continue to deliver to the community unique value-added propositions, and see this relationship with Bancor as a further example. We already have generated a large demand for our community and it’s only logical to provide a simple way to convert tokens. - Bringing Innovation to Financial Sector

Investment in Education and the Future of Blockchain recently declared that they had financed two post-doctoral chairs in the University of Nicosia with a particular focus on innovative research to Distributed Ledger Technology. The research will help create and execute future upgrades concerning side-chains and cross-chain interoperability, in addition to intelligent token corporate governance in an attempt to develop best practices and implementations.

Preissler talked with Bitcoinist concerning the Organization’s educational support in the University of Nicosia:

This is a major development for us, it provides with access to some of the brightest and most innovative minds in blockchain and digital currency.  The University of Nicosia has embraced blockchain technology since 2013, they were the first university in the world to offer coursework and an accredited academic degree program in this field (MSc in Digital Currency) and are considered a global leader in academia in this area.

To find out more about please see the business site. You could even download the job white paper and enroll for the upcoming ICO.

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