Trust Wallet Adds BCH

Trust Wallet Adds Bitcoin Cash

Trust Wallet, a cell wallet for ethereum and ERC20 tokens, has announced it has added support for bitcoin cash (BCH) on Android and iOS in the newest update of this program. Along with BCH, the support has also added support for native segwit compatible LTC and BTC wallets.

“As some of you probably have noticed over the past month, Trust Wallet has become considerably more than a simple ethereum and ERC20 wallet. Since our beginning around a year ago, Trust has grown to support more than 10 native blockchains, for example their native characters,” the group stated. “We would like Trust Wallet to become your one stop solution for interacting with this new decentralized world, so going forward we’ll be adding more coins and attributes to enable our users to fully embrace the seamless experience of having all of your tokens, collectibles, dapps and more in one place.”

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