Veritas Mining is launching their crypto mining ICO and are offering a 25% discount

Veritas Mining has established their crypto mining ICO to mine cryptocurrencies employing the competitive benefit of using cheap energy. They’ve started promoting their Veritium (VRTM) tokens, also possess, at the time of writing, increased over $1,005,372 of the overall $4 million dollar target.

The business intends to primarily deal with the massive price of power in regards to mining cryptocurrency, particularly in countries where power is prohibitively costly. Veritas Mining has recognized inexpensive methods for supplying electricity, quoting a price of about $0.035 per kWh. They are eager to show their green credentials also, saying that their electricity comes from a number of renewable and renewable resources, mentioning solar, wind, and biogas, together with natural flowing water resources as a sort of cooling.

Token holders are eligible for dividends which are calculated on a yearly basis and are paid out on a quarterly basis. According to this, token holders are expected to break even within six months of getting their tokens. The business has plans to establish a market and wallet exchange system later on, which allows nominal holders a way of exchange. Veritas Mining intends to permit Veritium tokens to be exchanged and invested in conventional fiat tools also.

Ponos-Mining and Their Mining Pool

Ponos-Mining is the title of this program that will be employed to allow users to mine cryptocurrencies with their own PCs. The computer software may specifically select which cryptocurrency has become easily the most rewarding to mine in any certain time, switching between them as prices vary. Though this might not amount to much originally, it’s surmised that if sufficient individuals are using this software in scale, then it may earn a sizable possible benefit, based on how it could possibly be used later on. Since the Veritas Mining ICO whitepaper says:

With the aspect of so many idle computers just doing nothing but drawing power during their down times, the scale of this would be huge if it is achieved and if marketed successfully, would potentially be one of the biggest mining pools in the cryptocurrency universe.

Use of Token Sale Proceeds And RoadMap

The token sale proceeds are to be split over the following areas:

  • Hardware 75%
  • Infrastructure 10%
  • Operations 10%
  • Marketing 3%
  • Legal 1%
  • Bancor Reserve 1%

The net revenue distribution for Veritas Mining will go towards expansion, development, and reserves (40%) and quarterly dividends (60%).

Purchasing and Distribution of Veritium Tokens

You are able to buy Veritium (VRTM) using either a MIST/Ethereum Wallet/MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, or even imToken. VRTM Tokens will be delivered into the wallet where the ETH was delivered via clever contracts instantly.

18 VRTM tokens will be made whenever 100 VRTM tokens are offered, and such parts will be issued to spouses, founders, staff, and consultants (like Bounty) of their Veritas Mining business. All unsold parts will be ruined, and also the tokens won’t be made accessible for mining.

You may discover additional details of Veritas Mining’s crypto mining ICO within their whitepaper here, also you may go to their site here.

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