Vitalik Buterin sends 30,000 Eth to Bitstamp

Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin sends 30,000 Eth to Bitstamp

Vitalik Buterin has moved 30,000 Eth into Bitstamp along with the move comes only days following Litecoin’s founder announced he’d sold all of his LTC.

Buterin has not publicly confirmed whether he’s marketed the 30,000 eth or otherwise, but his famous public address reveals he has some 375,003 eth, now worth nearly $300 million. Since there’s absolutely no direct sign that Buterin marketed that 30,000 Eth, it’s probable he moved the capital to possibly pay contractors together with him saying around two days prior to the transport: “I only compensated ~10 contractors at ETH with amounts computed based on exchange prices by USD, SGD, and TWD today.”

Another possibility is the Ethereum creator could have diversified his holdings. If indeed he’s marketed his Eth, it is not the first time he’s done that since back in April 2016 he cashed out 25 percent of his Eth holdings if the price was $10. In the time he explained the reason for selling was he had to diversify his crypto holdings.

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