STEP 2: Buying Bitcoins
Kraken Allows You To Easy Buy and Sell Bitcoins with USD

After you’ve setup your wallet, you’ll want to buy Bitcoins, we can recommend using Kraken.
If you are in the US, you may want to look at Coinbase.
And for organising to purchase Bitcoins from nearly any city in the world, there is LocalBitcoin.

Why do recommend Kraken? Because many exchanges online add an extra 3% to 5% extra on top of the Bitcoin fee, just to buy a Bitcoin!
And as you can imagine that really adds up. Once you’ve had your identity verified by Kraken, they allow you to purchase Bitcoins at the market rate with USD.
With Kraken you move Euros, Yen and USD directly from your bank account into your Kraken account to purchase Bitcoin at the market rate.
You can then also sell your Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies and then withdraw those funds back into your bank account.

This makes Kraken an ideal place to buy and sell bitcoins and using your preferred currency.
Kraken enables you to get your money into and out of cryptocurrencies very easily.
And that is a big deal, as most other places online charge higher prices, or don’t let you easily purchase Bitcoins.

Plus with Kraken you don’t need to be a US citizen nor have a US bank account.
You can use any bank account and many currencies to transfer funds to Kraken to purchase your Bitcoins.

Kraken is also cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy many other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum.
It’s a well respected exchange that has been running since 2012, and is very popular.
However, it’s not the biggest exchange, that is Poloniex. And in our CryptoCurrency Trading Training Program we focus on Poloniex.
However, you cannot purchase Bitcoins with USD inside Poloniex. As with most exchanges, you must directly transfer your Bitcoins into them to start trading.
But this is not the case with Kraken. Kraken enables you to buy and sell Bitcoins directly with USD, even if you don’t have a USD bank account.

Remember, before you can buy Bitcoins, you need your Bitcoin Wallet setup first.
Click here for details on setting up your Bitcoin Wallet.

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