2017 - Year Bitcoin Became Anti-Fragile

2017 Was The Year Bitcoin Became Anti-Fragile

As bitcoin methods $20,000, ongoing to make new millionaires on the way, it’s easy to fool ourselves and believe that we can all see this coming. It is hard to recall today, however, the disposition entering 2017 was a far cry from the optimism that we see in the bitcoin community following something similar to a 20x price increase.

SegWit hadn’t yet triggered. The neighborhood was very much unable to find out a way ahead of its own technical roadmap and several folks were arguing about what to do and whining about the poisonous atmosphere. OK, perhaps a few things have not changed, but nonetheless, the neighborhood at the start of the year was quite different compared to where we reside.

In this overview of 2017, I will be focusing on what we learned about bitcoin, how we got into the euphoria that we have today and what this all means moving forward.

Phase 1 – Uncertainty

The year started with a great deal of uncertainty. Just about 30% of miners were indicating for SegWit, while Bitcoin Unlimited, a rival software application attracted 35% assistance. Nothing seemed imminent seeing scaling. Many programmers, users, and companies were becoming frustrated at the lack of progress, and also there were dire warnings regarding the way the fork such as Bitcoin Unlimited would totally ruin bitcoin.

Yet despite all that, bitcoin entered the year on an upswing.

This wouldn’t be the first time that doubt and price rises would coincide in 2017, and really both being connected is a significant learning for the area this past year.

The uncertainty kicked into high gear as “extension blocks,” UASF and NYA all made their way to the point at the first half of the year. There was a cat-and-mouse game of distinct bitcoin factions making threats, some plausible, some not, to get what they wanted. The first half of the year was a period of mad new developments nearly on a daily basis.

Would Bitcoin split? Can bitcoin perhaps survive a hard fork? Are people likely to be scared off from purchasing bitcoin?

Instead of a price decline, we saw during the Jan-June time frame that the price actually rose 3x despite the threats of forks and “agreements” created for the benefit of individuals who signed it.

We saw in this interval that bitcoin wasn’t like other resources. Uncertainty around a provider typically depresses its price. Uncertainty around bitcoin appeared to boost it. What has been happening? Why was doubt connected to a high price?

Phase 2 – Fear

The New York Deal at the end of May along with the following 3 weeks leading up to August 1st has been a period of a great deal of dread in the bitcoin community. Many, such as myself, were worried that bitcoin would perish from new confusion, divide communities and diminished network impact. Many saw the inevitable divorce involving the “large blockers” and “little blockers” as a deadly blow waiting to be sent.

There was a relief when the NYA was able to lock in Segwit on the community through BIP91. The neighborhood was shortly blindsided by Bitcoin Cash, however, which declared its intentions to fork quite soon after. August 1st would turn into the day which bitcoin would alter forever.

Moving on August 1st, many believed that a hard fork could be a dreadful thing for bitcoin generally. There could be two distinct bitcoins, two distinct communities, a split system impact and a number of other things. Many were anticipating the price to adapt to those realities and crater to substantially lower levels.

The price the day prior to the hard work has been approximately $2,700. The following week, bitcoin climbed to $3,700 and bitcoin cash astonishingly had worth that was not zero. What was happening? How did both forks end up larger than the amount prior to the fork? Such mathematics appears to be self-evident today, but this wasn’t the predicted result and many believed that forks would lessen the total price, not profit.

We saw in this interval that bitcoin wasn’t like other resources. Bitcoin obtained from social/technical/economic disease.

Phase 3 – Confidence

Regardless of the relative peacefulness of this hard fork on August 1, there was still another fork forward that was certain to become more controversial — the Segwit2x hard fork scheduled for 3 months following Segwit activation. The neighborhood had heard a little about hard forks by then and there was not as consternation regarding the injury that a split there could lead to.

However, Segwit2x turned out to be a tragedy and the backers of this arrangement ended up devoting the attempt per week ahead of its scheduled fork. The code which was to make the split did not get the job done, and it was clear that the effort only lacked the requisite development ability to ensure it is a success.


We found this year that programmers give the bitcoin community technological anti-fragility. Every time there’s a disordering event such as the bitcoin cash hard fork, programmers in the full Bitcoin ecosystem are made to take care of this. More software is composed, more assault instances are managed, the program gets better. Because of this, the whole bitcoin ecosystem, not only the part the programmer is working on, becoming improved.

Bitcoin is technologically anti-fragile since the programmers have the capacity to respond and fortify the community anytime vulnerabilities are located.

We also found this year which HODLers provide the bitcoin network economical anti-fragility. HODLers will hold throughout the uncertainty and fear. There’s absolutely no fear selling with this particular group. It is difficult to shake their faith in that which bitcoin can perform. The mainstream media may warn us about bubbles, so the technologists can warn us about the way that it can not scale, even center programmers can warn us about how we are doomed.

Holders. Do not. Care. They consider in bitcoin. They are not shaken by some warnings and rely on bitcoin as audio money.

Last, we found this year that the bitcoin community provides the bitcoin network societal anti-fragility. The neighborhood won’t bow to the interests of companies. The neighborhood will penalize individuals and companies that it believes are acting not in its own interest. Many people and businesses are penalized and have endured as a consequence of the communist authorities of what it believes is great for bitcoin.

The adversarial system has developed a moral benchmark for what good behavior is and bad behavior is punished and prevented.


Bitcoin continues to grow and grow in price because of this. 2017 was the year that we began to see actual evidence that bitcoin isn’t something which could be ceased. A number of other reviewers appear to get let down at how bitcoin did not do X, Y or Z. I see the fact that it not only survived but prospered as proof that their pet attribute or development is not that significant.

So what exactly does this imply for 2018? We can anticipate more dread and doubt be going forward. Surely, the folks HODLing now are likely pretty different in makeup than previously this season.

What is sure is that bitcoin is inconsistent and bitcoin will increase in unexpected ways. I can only expect that just as much anxiety and doubt awaits us at 2018.

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